Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Essay - Why i want to be a LECTURER

Reading has been my passion since I was first introduced to books at the age of 9. My father, when he was alive, would read to my brothers and me. Every material he delivered was like a story to us. He would afterwards get us into the mood of “discussing” the subject and that was the hype of the event. I suppose that was his way of making us remember.

I applied the same technique to my nephew and niece and amazingly, it helped them too. They remembered the little details that we usually overlook. Their enthusiasm and alertness encouraged me more to search more material relating to the subject.

Those little events we perform daily actually shaped my desire to teach. I cannot think of any better vocation than being a lecturer. My perception of lecturing is that it is a performance by educators who do not actually teach but one who shares knowledge with developing minds and vice versa. He enhances the development of a learning individual.

Complacency is an unfamiliar term for me. I would not want to envelop myself with envy while others achieve their Masters and PHd. I want to be an achiever too and I know my aspiration has no boundaries. I want to be the first to set precedence in my average family.

Until the end of my time, I will always hear my father’s voice ringing in my ears quoting Luqman Al Hakim




Hartini Omar said...

i cudnt agree more, wewet. though i seldom read to baby and marul, my passion towards teaching is undescribable. teaching gives me spirits to live on, continue doing gud things to people no matter who they are and where they cum from

cita2 saya adalah untuk menjadi seorang pensyarah! hahaha

Wahidah Wahid said...

teaching is my passion.
wewet tak nak buat kerja yang "terpaksa" untuk di buat.
wewet nak do something that i really like. and from the very beginning, i knew that i have passion on delivering info dan sharing knowledge.
yeye doakan wewet dapat continue master kat USM yer. tgh apply ni.
neway, thanks dear cousin.